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Vidya Vriksh Gurukul offers preschool and supplemental afterschool programs to support the children of the Kishan Nagar community in their growth and learning. Our Gurukul aims to:

  • Provide skilled teachers and an accessible and comfortable physical space dedicated to studying and learning

  • Inspire children to become lifelong learners and problem-solvers

  • Help each child develop the necessary skills to earn a stable livelihood for themselves and their family.

Vidya Vriksh Gurukul will offer 4 different programs tailored to each age group.

The Preschool and Primary Afterschool programs will launch in 2023, and the other programs will launch in subsequent years.


Preschool Program 

(Ages 3-5 yrs)

  • Inspires curiosity & excitement for learning through activity-based lessons which explore science & art themes.

  • Teaches socio-emotional & physical skills required to enter a formal classroom environment.

  • Introduces conversational Hindi, English & number sense.

Afterschool Middle School Program (Ages 10-13)

  • Solidifies foundational skills in Hindi & English writing, reading & speaking and grasp of all arithmetic functions & basic algebra.

  • Supports continued holistic (socio-emotional) development of child.

  • Completion of a practical project to inspire curiousity and excitement. (Requires designing a solution to a problem.)

  • Helps each child choose their future track (vocational or academic ) by Grade 8 and develops the skills required to achieve that goal.



Afterschool Primary Program

(Ages 6-9 yrs)

  • Continues inspiring curiosity and excitement for learning through a project-based curriculum.

  • Builds foundational skills in Hindi & English and supports formal school math curriculum.

  • Fosters physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development in each child.

  • Teaches children testing skills for private school entrance exams as appropriate.

Evening High School Mentorship

& Tutoring Program (Ages 14-18)

  • Provides individual tutoring to help all students finish Grade 12.

  • Provides group coaching & individual mentoring to help each student plan  their specific college or job path, including:

    •  Goal-Setting

    • Tutoring to pass college entrance exam

    • Support finding an apprenticeship for vocational students or job after college

  • Completion of optional practical project to support the student’s future goals.


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