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In 1955 a group of Tharu farm labourers settled at Kishan Nagar Farm to cultivate land near Dudwa National Forest close to the India-Nepal border. They established a community of families who have been farming there ever since. Today 150 children live at Kishan Nagar Farm, each with a unique set of talents and dreams waiting to be discovered and developed.

Vidya Vriksh Gurukul was established to help these children realize their full potential to become productive adults who are engaged in lifelong learning and problem-solving.

Vidya Vriksh Gurukul was founded in 2023 by members of the Bhalla, Khurana and Anand families who have decades-long ties to the Kishan Nagar community.


The educators in the family collaborated with community members to create an educational program to offer the following:

  • Provide skilled teachers and an accessible physical environment dedicated to studying and learning.

  • Inspire children to become lifelong learners and problem-solvers.

  • Help each child develop the necessary skills to earn a stable livelihood for themselves and their families.


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